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You may not be familiar with affiliate programs, but there are a million of them out there. A lot of these programs are cumbersome and difficult to utilize successfully.
Others simply do not generate enough money to make them worth the effort. At Science Surprise, we worked diligently to build a super easy affiliate program that anyone can do and see real earnings for their efforts. 
While the idea of an affiliate program may be foreign to you, it really is quit simple. You sign up and receive a referral link to share. Any Science Surprise subscription that is purchased through your link will generate $1 per month for you for as long as the subscription remains active. As you can see, this can become lucrative quickly!
If we still have your attention, here are 10 reasons you should join our super easy affiliate program and start making money today!
1. We allow you to give our product away for free to ignite your sales! You heard us right... We take all of the hard sales work out of the equation by allowing you to give away one month free of any Science Surprise subscription. You can distribute the free month coupon code along with your referral link to friends, family, neighbors, schools, PTAs, and pretty much anyone that you think may enjoy our super cool monthly excavations.
2. Anyone can succeed at the super easy Science Surprise affiliate program, even if you have never been involved with an affiliate program. The way you connect with your potential customers is entirely up to you. You may leverage your existing social media networks, utilize a blog you have built, or choose to actively reach out to students, teachers, STEM clubs, or pretty much anyone that you think may enjoy a monthly Science Surprise. You can be as creative as you want.
3. Earn recurring revenue every month. This is a truly unique aspect of the Science Surprise affiliate program and its our way of showing our appreciation for your efforts to generate customers. As long as any subscription booked through your referral link remains active, you will continue to earn $1 per month!
4. Get paid every month. The Science Surprise affiliate program pays out your earnings at the end of every month.
5. Track your earnings. The Science Surprise affiliate program uses a third party application to not only facilitate the program, but this also provides a dashboard so you can track the success of your efforts.
6. Science Surprise constantly creates marketing material you can easily share. This material is designed for easy distribution and automatically embeds your referral link to capture your sales. All Science Surprise marketing collateral is accessible from your affiliate dashboard. 
7. Each Science Surprise subscription is only $10 per month. We keep our price super low to create an attractive price point that is consumable for folks looking to subscribe to our monthly excavations. 
8. We offer free shipping in the United States. You heard us right, not only are our monthly subscriptions inexpensive, but we cover the shipping as well in the US.
9. We offer amazing specimens in our excavations. Not only is it super cool to get eight new excavations delivered every month, but we provide high quality rock, mineral, gemstone, seashell, fossil specimens and more that outclass specimens you will find in the standard store bought excavations.
10. We offer five types of excavations. This is another unique selling point of our Science Surprise subscriptions. A customer can choose from our super popular plaster style excavation, a gooey slime excavation, flowing kinetic sand, super cool sizzling excavations, or a mystery mix of all of our excavation types. 
We really hope you find our super easy Science Surprise affiliate program attractive and choose to join so you can start earning money today. We have set the program up so you will succeed and we thank you in advance for any effort you make spreading the word about our Science Surprise subscriptions. We truly can not do what we love doing ever day without you!
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