A Science Surprise subscription is a super cool and unique educational gift that will deliver exciting excavations all year long. 


A new assortment of rocks, minerals, seashells, fossils and more will arrive every month to be discovered, identified, and enjoyed. Subscribers match their specimens with cool trading cards that are loaded with facts and information.  Recipients of Science Surprise subscriptions are able to build amazing collections and watch them grow every month with unique items not found in standard excavation kits. 

You may know that every single one of our monthly deliveries is composed of eight separate excavations loaded with scientific specimens, but did you know there are five different ways to order your Science Surprise subscription?

Each option is designed to spark curiosity and scientific interest in its own awesome way. Check them out and pick the type of Science Surprise monthly educational subscription that is right for the young scientist in your life.



1. SCIENCE SURPRISE - Excavation Blocks

This is our original product and by far the most popular. Eight new plaster blocks arrive every month along with a hammer and tools needed to dive in and start discovering. Each block holds real items that need to be cleared from the debris.

Imagine being a paleontologist chiseling away at a dig site as you uncover real dinosaur bone fragments, or a geologist hanging from the side of an active volcano as you collect pieces of snowflake obsidian. These specimens and many, many, more are hidden in our exciting little Science Surprise excavation blocks. 


2. SLIME SURPRISE - Slime Baggies

The name says it all and this monthly subscription is geared toward all those slime lovers out there. You still get all the same amazing scientific specimens offered in our original Science Surprise, but each specimen is buried in a baggie of slime as opposed to an excavation block. 

Open each slime and discover the hidden treasures buried in the gooey substance. Once you have uncovered all the little awesome tidbits we have hidden, you can then combine all the slime into one big ball to play with and enjoy. 

Oh yeah, we go one step further and send a different type of slime every month. It's like being in a monthly slime club with the added awesomeness of being loaded with crazy cool science stuff. For $10 a month you can't go wrong!


3. SAND SURPRISE - Kinetic sand baggies

This subscription is geared for those looking for an awesome sensory experience without the labor of hammering through excavation blocks. Eight little baggies of kinetic sand arrive jammed full of awesome specimens to be discovered. Set aside all of your kinetic sand and put it together into one big mound to dive in and enjoy. The mind of your young scientist can leap to a remote beach as they transform into a marine biologist and explore the waters edge for the shells of exotic sea life. 

The youngest of amazing scientists will really enjoy this subscription. The difficulty level of the excavation process is minimal, yet the participant still gets the excitement of discovery and the pride of growing unique and super cool collections. 


4. SIZZLING SURPRISE - Bath bomb style excavations

This new option came sizzling onto the excavation scene and is creating quite the "reaction" among young scientists. What is unique about these eight excavations that arrive each month is that you create a chemical reaction to reveal the treasures hidden inside. 

Be a mad scientist in your lab as you ooze and fizz away each excavation to uncover the assorted specimens lurking inside. 


5. MYSTERY SURPRISE - An assortment of all the excavation options

Who doesn't love a little mystery and mixing things up? Each month you will get an assortment of eight... well who knows! We'll keep you guessing as you await each delivery. 

Your monthly Mystery Surprise will have an assortment of eight slimes, kinetic sand, plaster excavation blocks, and sizzling excavations loaded with goodies for you to detect and identify. This option is a lot of fun and really allows the recipient to enjoy several different types of activities yet still build their collections of super cool rocks, minerals, fossils, seashells, gemstones, and more.


For $10 a month you really can not find a more unique, exciting, super fun, and educational gift for that super awesome young scientist in your life!






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