Did you know that every monthly Science Surprise subscription contains at least one real fossil?

This is important to us at Science Surprise because we truly feel that a lot of kids out there love fossils. We also believe that anything a child finds interesting can be used to generate scientific curiosity and learning. And that is exactly what we set out to do when we created our Science Surprise monthly subscription.

ammonite fossil

When you sign up for Science Surprise you will get eight excavations sent to you every month filled with rocks, minerals, and seashells, but one of those excavations will also contain a real fossil. On any given month you may excavate an ammonite that once lived in ancient oceans, the next you may uncover real dinosaur bone fragments, it’s also possible to discover coprolite which is fossilized poop that can be tens of thousands of years old!
You may chisel away a fossilized shark tooth or find a piece of ancient amber that has a prehistoric insect trapped inside. Some excavations contain beautiful pieces of polished petrified wood from ancient forests the dinosaurs may have roamed. Each month a new and exciting fossil will arrive along with rocks, minerals, gemstones, and shells that you will not want to miss!

tumbled petrified wood pieces

Your collection of fossils will grow as you enjoy the activity of digging these amazing specimens from your Science Surprise excavations. You can even choose the type of excavation you would like to receive with your Science Surprise. We offer plaster excavation blocks, slime excavations, oozing excavations that sizzling and melt away, kinetic sand excavations, and for those adventurous young scientists you can even receive a mystery mix of all of our excavation types.

Each one of our Science Surprise excavations is accompanied by awesome identification cards that can be collected and enjoyed. These super cool cards are not only fun to collect and trade, but they are also loaded with fun facts and information about the fossil.

fossilized shark teeth

If you or someone you know loves fossils and dreams some day of becoming a paleontologist out searching for new and exciting scientific discoveries buried in the Earth, then sign up up now for a super cool and awesomely fun Science Surprise subscription.


Did you know we also offer excavations stuffed with fossils that are a perfect activity for dinosaur themed parties?

You can add the excitement of a true paleontologist expedition to your dinosaur themed birthday party with our Fossil Birthday Surprise excavations! This activity will entertain and educate your guests as they dig through their excavation in search of real fossils.

These excavations are packed with real fossil specimens that your guests can keep for their own personal collections or trade with other birthday party guests. Each guest will receive an excavation filled with an assortment of five separate fossil specimens along with an identification card for each specimen.


Check out all our Birthday Surprise excavations that will be great activities for many different science themed birthday parties.


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