Science Surprise is committed to supporting schools around the country.

We have designed a No-Fuss fundraising opportunity that is super easy to setup and kickoff! What's even better is that once your NO-FUSS Science Surprise Fundraiser is setup, it can generate funds with little to no effort for years to come!
Here is what your PTA/PTO will get with a No-Fuss Science Surprise Fundraiser: 
1. A donation page on ScienceSurprise.com.
2. An affiliate link to share and enjoy 20% commission of every single purchase! 
3. A super user-friendly dashboard to track earnings.
4. Access to our app that allows students to answer science trivia for points they can donate to the school and turn into cash.
5. A free Science Surprise three month subscription ($30 value) to use in silent auctions or other fundraising activities. 
6. We'll give you an awesome discount coupon to help kickoff sales. 
7. We'll also include 50 coupon codes for free Surprise Singles that can be used as rewards or pretty much whatever the PTA/PTO deems will help!

This is a very robust fundraising activity that can be setup in minutes, has the potential to generate funds for years, and spreads the love and excitement of learning! 
If you are interested in learning more, please reach out using the form below and we'll get right back to you!

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